We go to great effort to ensure your comfort and convenience, especially when unanticpiated procedures are required. A sampling of the services we provide is below; please contact the office for a complete list.


3D/4D Ultrasound

     For both gynecologic and   obstetric evaluations



     Use of a microscope to look more closely at the cervix, in order to evaluate an abnormal Pap result.



     Freezing warts on the female genitalia, or abnormal cells from the cervix, in order to remove them.


Dysmenorrhea Treatment

     The treatment of painful menses


Endometrial Ablation

     Burning the lining of the uterus under anesthesia. A significant percentage of women who have this procedure have lighter or no bleeding afterward.


Fetal Testing

     To ensure the safest outcomes for your unborn child.


High-Risk Obstetrical Care




Infertility Evaluation


Laser and Laparoscopic Surgery


Menorrhagia Treatment

     Treatment of heavy menses



     For gynecologic cancers and pre-malignant conditions



     An ultrasound procedure to examine the lining of the uterus for polyps or problems.



     Our patients have access to the most advanced ultrasound system available today, a 3D/4D live-motion sonogram machine. This allows us to evaluate many gynecologic concerns in the office. It also allows our obstetric patients to enjoy seeing their unborn child in 3D.


     Our in-house ultrasoundist has exceptional qualifications. She is ARDMS certified, a member of AIUM, and has over 25 years of specialized experience.


     We also offer Watch Your Baby Grow Appointments. These elective ultrasound sessions allow our OB patients to bond with their baby, throughout the course of their pregnancy, as often as they like.


     For our patient's comfort, we have two strategically placed viewing screens, including a high-definition, flatscreen monitor.



     We have an in-house LabCorp laboratory which accommodates almost all neccessary laboratory services. There is usually no need for our patients to travel to an outside lab for blood work or any other lab-related reasons.